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Our Products


Chon Daen The Miracle Molecule, this potent anti-inflammatory attacks proteases in the joint space to stop cartilage degradation and prevent further deterioration.


http://fober.hu/12 Dubbed by some as the next big breakthrough in regenerative medicine, these tiny vesicles are the main agent for mediating the therapeutic effect of MSC’s.


http://modernistudios.com/ Next generation PRP, our technology eliminates operator risk while creating a scaffolding to protect and preserve platelets and growth factors.


Z├╝rich (Kreis 12) A non-centrifuge, highly sterile, bone marrow aspirate system with a fast harvesting time that yields the highest amount of CFU-fs on
the market.

What We Do Best

We get results. That’s what we do best. When it comes to pain and inflammation, nobody does it better than BIG Biologics. We stand behind this commitment to excellence in outcomes all day, every day.


Getting great outcomes starts with having the best science and products. Our portfolio of regenerative medicine products is the most comprehensive in the industry.

Customer Service Excellence

There is no substitute for excellent customer service. There is also no reason to deliver anything less. Our team of professionals are available 24/7.


Regenerative medicine should be accessible. We deliver premium, best-in-class products and service without the premium cost.

Work with a Team of Dedicated Pros

Our team, our culture, our passion align to deliver the best experience for our customers, period. Knowledge of the athlete patient journey, combined with deep understanding of the products and treatment algorithms is what sets us apart from the competition. Getting you back in the game is all that matters at the end of the day and everyone at BIG Biologics is dedicated to this mission.

Fun Facts

Our products have helped athletes across multiple sports, at every level of the game. Whether its a professional football player, baseball player, an Olympic gold medal hopeful sprinter, Division I athlete...we have helped them all. Here are just a few...

NFL Football Players (and Ex NFL Players)

Division I Athletes

Olympic Gold Medal Hopeful Sprinter

Very Grateful PGA Golfer

MLB Pitcher

Let’s Work Together

If it’s time for you to be inducted into the Pain Free Hall of Fame, reach out and get in touch. Together, we will work toward getting you back in the game. Faster. Better. Cheaper.