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Marrow Cellultion

Bone Marrow Stem Cells

A non-centrifuge, highly sterile, bone marrow aspirate system with a fast harvesting time that yields the highest amount of CFU-fs on the market.



The patent-pending Marrow Cellution™ Bone Marrow Aspiration System is a novel bone marrow access and retrieval device that incorporates features designed to minimize limitations of traditional trocar needles.

Traditional needles aspirate primarily through an open-ended cannula, which leads to excess blood collection that requires additional manipulation (i.e. centrifugation or chemical separation in a laboratory). By overcoming these limitations, Marrow Cellution™ maximizes stem- and progenitor-cell recovery and minimizes peripheral blood infiltration.

Marrow Cellution™ accesses aspirate flow collected exclusively laterally, as the tip of the aspiration cannula is closed. This allows marrow collection perpendicular to and around the channel created by the tip of the device, thus avoiding excess peripheral blood infiltration. The device also incorporates technology to precisely reposition the retrieval cannula within the marrow space after each aspiration. These features achieve a clinician’s desire for a single entry point as a single puncture. Marrow Cellution™ provides high quality bone marrow aspirate collected from numerous sites within the marrow geography.

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Marrow Cellution™ BMA System includes a smaller gauge than traditional Bone Marrow Aspirate Devices. It also has a closed tip to prevent infiltration of peripheral blood during the aspiration procedure, as well as a mechanical means for a measured and controlled movement of the aspiration cannula within the marrow space.

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Marrow Cellution™ System provides the additional benefit of harvesting bone dowels percutaneously for bone grafting procedures. Thereby, reducing donor site morbidity without sacrificing the cellularity of the bone graft.




  • First and only bone marrow system that does
    not require centrifugation

  •  Micro aspirations from various depths limit
    peripheral blood infiltration to yield the highest
    amount of CFU-f’s on the market
  • Single aspiration through a 13-gauge cannula
    allows for in-office procedures with decreased
    pain for the patient

  • Highest level of sterility available as the sample
    never leaves the sterile field

Matsutō MC-RAN-13C


Marrow Cellution™ Bone Marrow Aspiration System – Smaller gauge then traditional BMA tools


13 Gauge effective length: 3.5”


13 Gauge x 3.5” Introducer Needle
13 Gauge Blunt Stylet
17 Gauge Aspiration Cannula
10 mL Syringe


Marrow Cellution™ Bone Marrow Aspiration System – Same as MC-RAN-11C but with longer intruder for obese patients

11 Gauge effective length: 4.5”

11 Gauge x 3.5” Introducer Needle
11 Gauge Blunt Stylet
14 Gauge Aspiration Cannula
10 mL Syringe


Marrow Cellution™ Bone Marrow Aspiration System & Bone Dowel Harvesting System with added ability to harvest bone dowels for
grafting procedures

8 Gauge effective length: 4.0”

8 Gauge x 4” Swaged Tip Introducer Needle
8 Gauge Blunt Stylet
11 Gauge Aspiration Cannula
10 mL Syringe
Measurement Probe
Cancellous Bone Dowel Extraction Tool

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